is a ride at Thorpe Park.


X was previously X:/ No Way Out, but from the 2013 season onwards, they renamed, rethemed and redecorated it.

Ride experienceEdit

After queuing in the exterior queue-line riders enter the pyramid and proceed down a long and narrow corridor with rave lights and lasers in the ceiling. Loud rave music plays throughout the corridor. After turning a few corners there is a large room with a long queue-line in it; on busy days this is used as an interior queue-line. After queuing in this room, riders enter the station. An empty train enters the station and riders board the train. The train then exits the station and into a tight right bend that leads up onto the lift hill. After reaching the top of the hill, the train plummets down at speeds of 29mph into various helices and tight turns. Throughout the ride there are three mid-ride brake runs where the train stops for a few seconds before continuing. On one of the brake runs the train rolls backwards before continuing forwards. While all this is happening there are bright multi-coloured rave lights and laser effects that accompany the rave music heard in the queue-line. The train stops in a different station to where boarding happens and the riders exit and the empty train continues into the boarding station.