Damn you polis
Thorpe Park Day (before 5pm): SWAG
is an unofficial Polis and Friends Vlog on the TheseThreeGamers youtube channel, set before Alex and friends at fright night-after 5.


"Sorry about the poor video quality, due to me having to convert the files (i will redo this soon). Thanks to all the people who organised this and i hope everyone enjoys the video!"


Monument to fashion

A monument to fashion

Alex puts on a fake scream mask, which Will states is "a monument to fashion." Alex, Will, Polis and Sam (Will's brother) set off for a day at Thorpe Park's 2013 Fright Nights. At first they walk to X, and they are told that it wasn't open, and Will says that it is the
Don't you just want him

Ladies... He's single!

worst ride. Will then does a dance and they go on Mr. Monkey's Banana Ride, which Sam says is great fun and that going on it is the best time of his life. Will then tries to kill the people on Nemesis Inferno; disappointed at this, Will agrees to go back on X. In the queue for X, Will tries to record; however, everything is pitch black because of the lighting in X. It turns out that Will derped, and had the lense cover over the lense. After that, they ride "the scary" Rumba Rapids, where Will almost drops his camera into the water. Will carelessly does his dance while Polis has his back soaked by the waterfall. Alex tries to wave at the boat behind them, and falls over trying to do so. Keeping the water
One of your french girls

Draw him like one of your French girls

ride trend, they go on Stormsurge, where people try to squirt Polis, Will, Alex and Sam, but they don't realise they have to pay, and they avoid being squirted. Will then got told off (offcamera) for trying to film on Storm in a Teacup. Will does another dance... for no reason. Alex then high-fives a woman while queueing for Depth Charge. Queueing for My Bloody Valentine, Will does yet another dance. A man dressed up as The Doctor runs out of The Asylum.